BD2DoStudio is a powerful tool for Blu-Ray demuxing and importing data into the NetBlender DoStudio authoring solution. The main function of BD2DoStudio is decompilation of Blu-Ray disk into video, audio and other files. All output data are marked with data format information and ready for editing in DoStudio. It saves you time and provides a single tool for the reauthoring in DoStudio.

BD2DoStudio is based on DVD-Logic's Blu-Ray Demuxer Pro and contains additional functions for generating the project file for NetBlender DoStudio. BD2DoStudio has an extended user interface. This user interface allows you to view all the internal structure of a Blu-Ray disc, including all logic fields created by the authoring software. BD2DoStudio is intended for the re-creation of old BD projects if you did not save or no longer have access to the previous project file or data, for example, for a new BD version.

BD2DoStudio is simple to use and on a decent multi core PC is faster than real time. The tool reflects all operations done with BD disc in the log of main window.

BD2DoStudio does not re-create original Menu structure but creates all images in PNG format and allows user re-create menu manually.

This is list of main features that makes BD2DoStudio tool very effective for BD/DVD demultiplexing:

  • Import demuxed data from ANY Unencrypted BD into NetBlender DoStudio authoring platform — BD2DoStudio can analyze, demux and import any data from BD to DoStudio. All imported data is marked with additional information like bitrate for audio, resolution, channels, aspect ratio and language. This allows users continue work in DoStudio and re-create BD disc using the advantages of Java-based menus.
  • Import demuxed data from ANY Unencrypted DVD into NetBlender DoStudio authoring platform - BD2DoStudio can analyze, demux and import any data from DVD to DoStudio. This function is perfect when you need to include SD content from a DVD into your BD Project. Obviously there is not change to the SD video, it will still be SD.
  • Menu images extraction — BD2DoStduio extracts all images from BD (Interactive only) or DVD menu in PNG format. You can then re-create the menu manually. Because the DoStudio authoring platform based on Java menus BD2DoStudio cannot automatically re-create working menu, but it allows you to to combine it manually.
  • Subpicture streams conversion to DoStudio — BD2DoStudio allows easy use of DVD or BD subpicture atreams in DoStudio.
  • Time-proven DVD and BD demuxing accuracy — BD2DoStudio demux is based on DVD-Logic's well known technology. Built-in DVD demuxer is based on DVD Reauthor Pro that is used by thousands of studios, TV channels, authoring facilities all around the world. BD demux is also based on latest BD Demuxer Pro version used all around the world.

The key features are:

  • Automatic processing of BD and DVD disc of any complexity. BD/DVD demux based on time-proven demuxing software that allows you to demux any complex disc. It is not important where the original disc was created and what authoring platform it was. BD2DoStudio helps to move any of your DVD or Blu-ray to the DoStudio platform keeping all Video/Audio/Subtitles previously created.
  • DoStudio project file creation — BD2DoStudio creates a project file for DoStudio with already inserted data, saving you time and effort. It also marks data with useful format info.
  • Subtitle streams processing — BD2DoStudio imports all DVD or BD subtitles streams into the DoStudio project file. It also converts DVD subtitles to be used in the new BD format.
  • Menu images extraction — BD2DoStudio decomposes Interactive Menus for DVD or BD. It saves images in PNG format for every button of every menu page.
  • Chapters times — BD2DoStudio keeps all chapters times and includes them in its created DoStudio project.
  • Video/Audio/Subpictures of DVD are not re-encoded - All Video/Audio data are not re-encoded but changed in headers (if necessary) to be suitable for use in Blu-ray according to the Blu-ray specification. You may replace all Video/Audio assets at any stage if required, keeping all another project structure.
  • Complete processing of BD or DVD Disc in approximately 2 hours. Highly automated demuxing allows any user to create destination project file without special options setting or skills.
  • DoStudio projects Merger. Additional inbuilt tool allows you to merge two or more DoStudio projects. You can also choose what part of source projects need merging into destination project — data or menu.


  • NetBlender DoStudio:
    • NetBlender DoStudio version 1.9
    • NetBlender DoStudio version 2.0
  • Video and Audio streams demux:
    • MPEG-2 (*.m2v)
    • SMPTE VC-1 (*.vc1)
    • MPEG-4 AVC (*.avc)
    • Linear PCM (*.wav)
    • Dolby Digital (*.ac3)
    • Dolby Digital Plus (*.ec3)
    • Dolby TrueHD (*.ac3 + *.mlp)
    • DTS (*.dts)
    • DTS-HD High Resolution (*.dtshd)
    • DTS-HD Master Audio (*.dtshd)
  • Subtitles:
    • PNG + DoStudio times description file
  • Menu:
    • DVD menu in PNG
    • BD only Interactive streams in PNG
  • Blu-ray specification elements conversion:
    • Video/Audio streams
    • Presentation streams — Subtitles
    • Interactive Menu — PNG images
    • Clips — DoStudio Titles
    • Chapters times

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BD2DoStudio tool is not intended for use with DVD or BD titles for which you have not obtained the proper authorization. It cannot break cryptoprotection or any other type of copy protection. BD2DoStudio is intended to help Blu-ray and DVD Disc authors in the reworking of old projects by allowing the retrieval of the original data assets. BD2DoStudio does not violate any intellectual property rights, as it can only be used with Discs that do not contain copy protection.

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