IG Editor

DVDLogic IG Editor contains all necessary means for creating and editing interactive menus of Blu-ray discs. Work with IG Editor is handy, visually easy to use and quick. IG Editor allows you to create interactive menus with basic functionality to complex compliant menus all by adhering to the BD BD specification. IG Editor contains special functions for any graphic image adaptation, palette recalculation, navigation commands writing, opening and editing existing menus. Menu's created by IG Editor can be immediately be opened and muxed in Rovi Scenarist BD.

Changes and additional functions for IG Editor version 2.1 from version 2.0:

  • Improved and fixed bugs in Effects wizard.
  • Improved and optimized "Update PSD" function.
  • Added real time buffer calculation.
  • Improved help system.

Changes and additional functions for IG Editor version 2.0 from version 1.4:

  • PSD Update function for Scenarist format PSD.
  • PSD Update function for DoStudio format PSD.
  • Effects wizard, allows create effects in few seconds.
  • Interactive help for commands in commands editor.
  • Commands wizard for easy commands / parameters editing.
  • "Link to button" function, allows set next button link by mouse.
  • Encoded buffer calculation function.

Changes and additional functions for IG Editor version 1.1 from version 1.0:

  • Import Photoshop PSD file for Rovi Scenarist.
  • Import Photoshop PSD file for Sony DoStudio.
  • Export current IG project to Photoshop PSD file for Rovi Scenarist or Sony DoStudio.
  • User interface improved.
  • Added function for automatic deletion of not used objects and palettes.
  • Checking of objects sizes according to BD specification.
  • Fixed bug in Scenarist Designer file importing
  • Fixed bug in Objects order while saving IES file. It is strictly according to BD specification now.