Quick BD Menu features

  • Creation of a full BD menu with just a few clicks — the program generates a simple template of a menu by default. The user can start to work with a ready menu, not wasting any time, all that is needed is to add or change the menu buttons. This saves time compared to menu creation from scratch. The menu by default contains templates for audio and subpicture submenus.
  • Doesn't need any knowledge of navigation commands or BD specification — the software is designed for casual users and doesn't need special knowledge from the user.
  • Output file is in IES format also with an intermediate project file — Quick BD Menu generates an IES file ready to use in several of the most popular BD authoring platforms: Scenarist, DoStudio and EasyBD. The tool will control the correctness of the created output file according to BD specification.
  • Easy and understandable user interface — the user interface shows the BD menu in a tree format. This allows the user to do quick switches between the submenu pages and see the entire structure in the editing stage.
  • Replacing background with user images — the tool allows the setup of user background images for any menu button, using the image formats JPG, PNG and BMP.
  • Easy to create BD interactive menu buttons — button text has easy to edit color, size and font. This is possible in any of three conditions: normal, active or selected.
  • Main or Pop-up menu — the program can create any possible interactive menu type. The pop-up menu has a function for tracking the movie position in order to highlight the current chapter.

Features added in Quick BD Menu version 2:

  • 1. Added ability to add new button for all or only for current menu page.
  • 2. Added new menu page "Bonus features".
  • 3. Ability to set required number of features/trailers on "Bonus features" page.
  • 4. New fields "PageID" and "ButtonID" are visible in design time.
  • 5. Ability to add navigation commands to any menu button.
  • 6. Ability to set links between buttons automatically.
  • 7. Ability to set links between buttons in new very quick and visual way.
  • 8. Shows links arrows between buttons for every page.

List of BD authoring solutions supports interactive menus after Quick BD Menu