IG Editor features

  • Import previously compiled and demuxed IES stream file (*.ies) — IG Editor can import or export any exisiting IES file, regardless of where it was created or even how it was demuxed. After the import, you can change and/or add any menu elements, including buttons, effects, commands or the whole page.
  • Import and export Sonic Scenarist Designer file (*.designer) — Using the IG Editor, you do not need to restrict yourself to opening IES files you can also can use an already existing template of menu from Scenarist Designer.
  • Import and export Scenarist and DoStudio Photoshop file (*.PSD) — Using the IG Editor, you do not need to restrict yourself to opening IES files you can also can use an already existing template of menu from Photoshop.
  • Using *.PNG, *.BMP or *.JPG images for buttons — The creation of buttons for your menu, you can use several image formats. Any image will be re-coded and converted into internal format used in interactive menu
  • Export IES into Sonic Scenarist BD project file — If you created a difficult menu or used unique features in your navigation commands programming; in some cases Scenarist cannot load such menus manually. For these cases IG Editor has function to create Sonic Scenarist project file with automatically inserted menu.
  • Checking correctness of the IES file — the program allows you to check correctness of IES files to conform to BD specification. Also user can fix anything manually in case of error.
  • Editor of audio in the buttons for sound.bdmv file — pressing on interactive menu button for sound, allows you to manage sounds effects for buttons, opens the special editor of "sound.bdmv" file. The Sound Editor does not affect the already existent structure, thus user can anytime add new sounds.
  • Import and export buttons images — IG Editor allows to save interactive menu buttons images into file. And you can also change image on any menu button by using "import image" function. This is useful, for example, if needed to change graphic image on menu button.
  • Palette calculation for new images — after adding new menu button image the program can recalculate palette using algorithm of color optimization. This algorithm will select colors that are closest to the original image colors.
  • Visualization of Buttons in Menu Page for every state — user can see how menu will look for all three button states (normal, active, selected).
  • Navigation commands editor with syntax highlight — while programming of buttons behavior using navigation commands, editor will highlight special commands name and parameters with different colors. This allows you to reduce the possibility to make error during navigation commands writing.
  • Background image insertion for better Page visualization — this functions helps for better setting of buttons positions in design time. This also helps you to see how your design will look in the finished interactive menu.
  • Step by step Interactive Menu construction very close to BD specification — IG Editor constructs menu in part that are strictly defined in the Blu-ray Disc specification. That is why, the program can use any user that is familiar with BD specification. From another hand this helps to avoid the errors and incompatibility while menu construction.
  • Import/Update Photoshop PSD files — allows create graphic using professional software such as Photoshop. Update function will keep all menu structure including navigation commands and links between buttons while changing only graphic content of your menu. This will save your time in case of new menu version.
  • Effects creation — use Effects wizard for creation "Fade" and "Cropping" effects for just a second. Effects will always make your menu more interesting and enjoyable for user.

List of BD authoring solutions supported by IG Editor: