DVD Reauthor Pro features

  • Automatic processing of all the DVD.
  • Extraction of all Video, Audio and Subpicture data streams.
  • All pre, post, cell commands parsing.
  • Angles parsing.
  • Slide show parsing.
  • Creation of logical structure of interconnections for Menus and Titles, setting of all existing links in PGC elements.
  • Creation of well structured list of files in accordance with VobID and CellID allocation in Vob-files.
  • Creation of script for Sonic Scenarist - world wide leader of DVD Authoring Software.
  • Decompilation time of any DVD is near 30 minutes depending on PC power.
  • Significantly extended and more informative user interface.
  • Detailed parsing of structure of every IFO file.
  • Additional demux modes and submodes, intended for disks which were not originally made in Sonic Scenarist.
  • Additional functions for data correction according to Scenarist compatibility.
  • More improved demux kernel, which allows to parse the disk of any complexity.
  • Improved and more correct algorithmes for: subpictures processing, highlights processing, interliving.

List of additional features added in DVD Reauthor version 4.0.2:

  • Improved and optimized demux kernel.
  • Subpictures advanced effects detection improved.
  • Optimized and tested for Windows 7.