Blu-Disc Studio version comparison

Features Lite
Standard MX MX Pro UHD
Ability to create main menus, popup menus and movies max 32 unlimited
(max 64 in Trial)
(max 64 in Trial)
(max 64 in Trial)
(max 64 in Trial)
Audio tracks per movie max 4 max 32 max 32 max 32 max 32
Subtitle tracks per movie max 4 max 32 max 32 max 32 max 32
Menu designer with the ability to use the full-color images (PNG 32-bit)
Import PSD-files
Button drawing modes 1 8 8 8 8
Ability to create scenes (playmarks)
Automatically create a scene selection menu with presets
Ability to assign actions to up/down/left/right and Enter (OK)
Ability to assign actions to a chapter (reaching a play mark)
Auto-assignment of transitions between the buttons
Assign sounds to buttons
Highlight the current audio and subtitle tracks
Highlight the current chapter
Multiple actions at once (multiaction)
Menu simulation (preview of the menu)
Mux project into the Blu-ray compliant folder structure using tsMuxer (not fully BD-compatible, not all features are supported)
Playlists support
Ability to use animation in actions
Ability to use animation at the start of the menu
Permanent animation with several images
Intro movie for the menu
Automatically close the popup menu
Ability to assign action to Top Menu button
Conditional actions (SWITCH)
Ability to use GPR-registers
JAR signing
Ability to store images outside the JAR
Resume movie feature
Resume disc playback
Ability to write Java-code (script) in actions and when reaching a chapter in a movie
Compilation of 3D Blu-ray (MVC + 2D menu)
Export project to the Scenarist® BD
Ability to use fonts and text
Ability to scale video
Blu-ray Audio and Pure Audio® wizards
Multi angle support
Support for templates and project merging
User Defined Functions and Advanced Parameters
Import DoStudio Java projects
Muxing project using internal muxer
CMF output support
(Retail only,
without PIP)
UHD support
Technical support