Screen shots

BD Author's User Interface is divided on several separated elements that allows the user quickly and comfortably enter all data during BD creation.

1. Assets list and properties window — BD Author allows users to import assets using 4 main stream types in the form of files: Video, Audio, Menu and Subtitles. Special Properties Viewer shows all important properties for every Video or Audio file selected in assets list:

Assets list and properties window

2. Clips and clip editor — special window shows list of clips. Clip - this is a special BD element that connects Video, Audio, Menu and Subtitles in the one track. Clip Editor - element allows to visualize any Clip from Clip List in view of separate Video/Audio streams:

Clips and clip editor

3. PlayLists and MovieObjects — allows you to create any clip combination or sequence. PlayList is also standard BD specification element. You can create your own MovieObject and use it in any way according to the BD specification:

PlayLists and MovieObjects

4. Titles and BD schema — shows the list of all BD Titles. BD schema - very complex elements represent BD map. It includes all elements as visual rectangles on one panel:

Titles and BD schema