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Blu-Ray Demuxer Pro 3D|UHD: Total Blu-Ray demuxing!

Blu-Ray Demuxer Pro is a powerful tool for Blu-Ray demuxing. The main function of Blu-Ray Demuxer Pro is decompilation of Blu-Ray disk into video, audio and other files. All output data are ready for editing in any authoring software. It saves your time and allows to use only one tool for the reauthoring.

Blu-Ray Demuxer Pro contains extended user interface. Extended user interface allows to view all internal structure of Blu-Ray disc, including all logic fields created by authoring software. Blu-Ray Demuxer Pro is intended for the remaking of old BD projects if you did not save the previous project file or data, for example, for the new BD version.

Blu-Ray Demuxer Pro allows to save your time, you can get all assets during 30 minutes depending on disc complexity. BD Demuxer reflects all operations done with BD disc in Log part of main BD window.


  • Automatic processing of the whole BD
  • Posibility to process any single file selected by the user
  • Video, Audio, Subpicture, Menu data stream extraction
  • Chapter points extraction
  • Times for subpictures extraction
  • Positions for Menu pictures extration
  • Creation of logic structure of interconnections for Menu pages
  • Creation of well structured list of files
  • Reflection of all logic fields, including Clips, PlayLists, MovieObjects ...
  • Creation of Subpictures and Chapters scripts for Sonic Blu-Ray Scenarist - world wide leader of Authoring Software
  • Decompilation time of any Blu-Ray is about 1 hour depending of PC power
  • Output formats for extracted data are well known and used in several authoring programs: SST, BDN, XML, PNG, TXT, CSV
  • Version history:

    Version 2.0:

  • Improved user interface.
  • Additional options were added.
  • More accurate demux kernel.
  • Additional functions were added.
  • Fixed bug in MLP, WAV processing.
  • Version 3D 2.3:

  • BD 3D demux added (*.mvc demux).
  • Improved user interface.
  • Additional options were added.
  • More accurate demux kernel.
  • Additional functions were added.
  • Optimized for Windows 7.
  • Version UHD 3.0:

  • UHD BD demux added (*.h265 demux).
  • Improved user interface.
  • Additional UHD fields added.
  • Improved demux kernel.
  • Additional functions were added.
  • Requirements:

    For comfortable work with the program you need Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7 and 100 Gb of free space on hard drive.

    Also you need .NET framework 2.0 and BD authoring software installed.


    Blu-Ray Demuxer Pro does not make any unauthorized operations with Blu-Ray disc, it is not intended to break cryptoprotection or any other protection of disk. Blu-Ray Demuxer Pro is intended to help BD author in the remaking of old Blu-Ray projects in new using the method of back conversion into primary data assets. Besides that it can be used to convert the BD project from any authoring platform into another one. Blu-Ray Demuxer Pro does not violate any intellectual property rights too as it works only with not protected Blu-Ray discs.

    How to order:

    Order online Blu-Ray Demuxer Professional 3D|UHD v3.0 Full version – 299 Euros:

    Discount for our registered users:

    Product Discount Price
    HD DVD Demuxer -25% 224 Euros
    DVD Reauthor Std -25% 224 Euros
    DVD Reauthor Pro -25% 224 Euros
    BD Demuxer Pro v1 or v2 -50% 149 Euros

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    Please send your questions about Blu-Ray Demuxer Pro 3D|UHD to support@dvd-logic.com
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