Blu-Disc Studio v2.0 released!

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Blu-Disc Studio v2.0 released!

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Blu-Disc Studio v2.0 is finally out!

The main changes are:
* Built-in Muxer now supports compilation of 3D Blu-ray.
* Added support for the Top Menu button.
* Resume added.
* Now you can specify the animation in Scenes creation window.
* Added list of recent projects.
* Added possibility to use tsMuxer with Blu-Disc Studio.
* Now you can switch on/off button sounds.
* Added the ability to use the images in Loading.
* The scale of the simulation window added.
* Now you can copy the Auto and End Actions, Enter and ClosePopup Animations in the Action Matrix.
* Added function Assign chapters (automatic assignment for Play MOVIE - Chapters).
* Now you can disable rewind and change the current track for the video.
* Added the ability to work with GPR-registers.
* Added the ability to save the project generated script for the purpose of understanding how the program works.
* Added the ability to write Java-based script on the actions and on achieve a specific scene (playmark).
* Added ability to specify Select and Action sound for each button.
* Added approximate calculation of the disk size.
* Global optimization, bugfixing and usability improve.

You can download it here.

To request a free trial license do the following:
* download Blu-Disc Studio or Blu-Disc Studio MX (please note, that license keys are different - MX version requires additional license file)
* run Blu-Disc Studio (MX) - it shows you Hardware ID
* send the Hardware ID to the
* free 30-days trial key(s) will be sent back to you
* put the key-file(s) into the Blu-Disc Studio (MX) installation folder

WARNING: Trial version cannot be run at virtual machine!

Users, who requested a trial key for version 1.0 can request a trial key for version 2.0 too.
Best regards,
Alexey Kolesnikov

Alexey Kolesnikov
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Blu-Disc Studio v2.0 build 119 released!

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Version 2.0 build 119 released!

* Added delay for the Activated state.
* Now you can move the audio and subtitle streams up and down in the Property window.
* Export and import are added to the SWITCH window.
* Now "Include current and selected state" adds these states to the static part of the group animation, if the group does not contain any buttons.
* Now object (constant) animation does not reset between pages.
* Added ability to specify a list of chapters in the Wizard.
* If you add a line with "*" in the anim-file, the animation will stop at the last frame.
* Added two functions in the script to jump between chapters: jumpNextMark and jumpPrevMark.
* Auto-action added for the button.
* Added option "Allow empty states in buttons" in the Project properties.
* Added ability to configure the available languages in the program settings (File -> Languages).
* Now you can specify anim-file for loading process.
* Added button to center the loading images.
* Added "Resume negative delay" in the Project properties.
* Cleaning the GPR at disc startup added to the Project properties.
* Update assets now enabled by default, and moved to the Project properties (read help).
* User settings now moved to the user's documents (Documents\Blu-Disc Studio (MX)).
* Draw method [Current, Selected/Normal] added.
* Now simulation supports work with registers.
* Slideshow added.
* Movies with identical streams became one clip with several playlists now.
* Support of TopMenu in tsMuxer was added.
* Select BUTTON added in SWITCH.
* Now you can add an empty custom condition in the SWITCH (always executed command).
* Support of skins is added (for toolbar buttons only).
* Global refactoring, optimization and bugfixing.
* Global update of the help, FAQ added.

You can download it here.
Best regards,
Alexey Kolesnikov