Screen Shots

IGEditor's User Interface is divided on several separated elements that allows the user to quickly and comfortably enter all data during Interactive Menu construction.

1. Project Explorer Tree — this panel shows all Interactive Menu elements in view that is very close to BD specification. Selection of separate element in the Tree will show element's properties in Properties Editor.

2. Properties Editor — list of properties, fields and values. You can set appropriate field value manually or via drop down variants (if applied). To see the properties list select appropriate element in Project Explorer Tree or in Page Designer.

3. Page Designer — panel located in the center of Main window. This Panel can show all buttons for all possible states in Interactive Menu. You can also move buttons with mouse here. Page Designer can show how finished Interactive Menu will look.

4. Source Panel — handy interface element that allows to enter, edit and compile navigation commands. Commands syntax are highlighted, so user can see if command and parameters are correct.

5. Source code Log — Log shows messages from navigation commands compiler.

6. Button’s states panel — you can see all images for all 3 button's states (normal, active and selected) here

7. State Image — shows currently selected image from Button's States panel.

8. IGEditor Log — main log of IGEditor. Will show all important messages.

9. Check Log — log show Interactive Menu compilation messages.

10. Objects and Palettes — list of all Palettes and Objects. The List is well structured and all Objects are shown according to appropriate Palette.